A representation of both traditions

Architects are exceptional individuals. The practice of architecture demands a particular proficiency with both technical and artistic disciplines. Often you’ll find that architects are multifaceted individuals, able to simultaneously fulfill the role of engineer and design specialist. They are responsible for many of the world’s greatest edifices and structures, marveling with physical aptitude and inspiring with artistic vision. An attempt to understand architecture is best met when there is a keen attempt to understand the architects themselves. Here’s a closer look at architects, and what it takes to become on.

Not as glamorous as you think

Many architects will attest, the job isn’t as dazzling as often perceived. Design does take place in a given workday, but for a marginal amount of time. Most of the day is dedicated to project coordination and integration. This means they spend a lot of time looking over blueprints and walking around work sites, making sure that each structure’s system is installed correctly. Everything from managing fire sprinkler heads to HVAC placement, is a responsibility of the architect. This is why it requires an individual who has solid analytical skills.

The artistic aspect

This is where the creative leanings of an architect are let free. This is when they produce the preliminary designs of the building in question. How an architect arrives at these designs is different for each architect. They are particular people with their own particular style; artists. Generally what happens is an architect takes and reviews all of the relevant information about the property – existing conditions, as-built plans, site surveys, previous liens, land use & building code requirements. That knowledge is then fused with the aspirations of the building owner and the inspiration of the architect to create ideas. Even the artistic side can be quite calculated!

Mark D. Lipton Associates

One thing is certain, a lot of work is put into a project. Even with small structures, great effort is placed on perfecting the details. It is a matter of protocol when it comes to architecture. If the details aren’t sound, then the building and design as whole will suffer. With Mark D. Lipton and Associates, you can rest assured knowing that the smallest intricacies are covered. We boast 35 years of business with the experience and portfolio to prove it. Visit our website or call (212)-425-1313 for more information!

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