Finding a Good Architect

It’s difficult to find affordable designers. When one hears the word “Architect” they automatically think    big bucks. Then, when you hear affordable designer one automatically thinks, inferior work.  How can we change that perception?
It’s simple. Find affordable designers who can give you the best designs at all time. Find designers whose portfolio speaks for itself.  Designers who have past experience inform you of their design work and view each project as an opportunity to seek fresh solutions. Designers who ask critical questions, listen carefully, and examine context in response to specific project challenges.

Challenges Faced When Finding a Good Designer

So we’ve established that hiring a designer is a challenge. It’s hard to know what skills to value and how to judge a candidate. You likely have experience reading résumés and interviewing candidates, but how should you judge a designer’s portfolio?
It’s possible to take a look at the beautiful structures they have created and listen to them tell you about how efficiently this was built. Also, how environmentally friendly the structure is and how sustainable it is. In other words, the full works on why you should choose them as your designer.  When making your decision, you just need to analyze the entire situation and weigh your options carefully.

Mark D. Lipton Associates Is Your Answer

When trying to find top-line designers the best place is Mark D. Lipton Associates Mark D. Lipton, Architect, which was founded in 1980, has established a distinguished record of providing architectural and planning services to a wide variety of clients. The firm has worked for both private and public institutions providing educational, commercial, residential, and renovation design. Lipton Associates is committed to innovative design solutions that realize the goals of all clients.
For more information contact us at (718) 979-1313 or visit us online today.

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