Medical & Healthcare Facilities

Mark D. Lipton Associates has designed many Medical Facilities over the years and has become very familiar with the needs of diversified Medical Groups as well as the single practitioner. We take pride in our designs of both the exterior of these facilities as well as the interior space planning and interior design of their offices.

Medical Building, New York


Urgent Care Center

Victory Blvd 2    Victory Blvd

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Medical Building, New York

2066 Richmond Ave     2066 Richmond Ave     2066 Richmond Ave

Reception    Waiting Area

Medical Building, New York

1855 Richmond Ave    1855 Richmond Ave    1855 Richmond Ave

1855 Richmond Ave    1855 Richmond Ave


Health Care Facility, New York

Health Care Facility     Common Room

Medical Building, New York

applegarth16    applegarth17

Medical Building, New York

Medical Office    Waiting Area

Medical Building, New York

Dr. Gerstenfeld    Dr. Gerstenfeld

Medical Interiors

Waiting Area    CT Scan    Exam Room

Reception Area    Linear Accelerator     Reception Area

Waiting Area    Exam Room    Reception Area


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